Emdesign | Rebranding Project
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Royal Boon Edam

Rebranding Project

What every designer loves to do is create an entire branding and roll it out. Not just for a small company but for a big multinational who has numerous subsidiaries worldwide, making it not just a local launch but a worldwide launch. This brings a totally new dimension to the word launch.

When I joined the company in 2012 Boon Edam had just started the kick off for the rebranding. A gigantic project which not only meant a new logo and corporate identity but also a complete new strategy. Fantastic for a designer and usually a ‘once in a lifetime’ project so I grabbed it with both hands. Coming from the advertising agency world I could step in and continue where the agency left off. I was handed the elements and told to run with it creating a corporate identity based on their initial designs. Quickly I concluded that the elements I was given were great to look at but didn’t work when working with them. So, it was up to me to make sure the elements did work. This resulted in a big and complicating branding for which I am still the only one who fully understands it.

As Group Marketing wanted to keep all the design work in one place it meant that I was the sole designer worldwide who created all the marketing collateral. From new business cards, brochures, flags, striping on the cars and trucks, the signage on the buildings and anything else that contained the logo. Everything was run by or created by me. Thus, why the branding wasn’t distributed across the subsidiaries. This brought not only frustration from the others but it did ensure brand consistency across the globe.

Since I left Boon Edam the subsidiaries have gained back some freedom in creating their own artwork but minor adjustments should be made to the branding for it to work well for non-designers.

A project I am immensely proud of to have been given the task to create and roll out and to this day enjoy seeing on the streets as well as online.