Emdesign | Rebranding Boon Edam
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Rebranding Boon Edam

Client Name

Royal Boon Edam International BV

Type of Contract


Function Title

Senior Graphic Designer / Project Manager / Marketing Executive

Responsible for

Graphic Design / Project Management / Print work

Adverts, Brochures & Flyers, Business Gifts, Corporate Identity, General, Graphic Design, POS Materials, Project Management
About This Project

My responsibilities were the rolling out of the entire branding. This involved absolutely everything that contained the logo. From signage on the buildings to the striping of the vehicles, the clothing the service and factory colleagues wear to the giveaways handed out to clients and prospects. But also, the entire corporate identity. Everything from stationary to brochures to presentation templates.

The project was done on a global scale where I was responsible for creating all the artwork, not just for Group Marketing, but for all the 22 subsidiaries. An immense job and an amazing one as well. I truly enjoyed this project and can say that I am proud of all the run of the project as well as all the created materials that are distributed worldwide.