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Price List

Price List

To give you an idea of costs it is best to come together to discuss your wishes. Pricing depends on the specifications of the type of work you need doing. The best way to give you an idea of what your project may cost would be for us to sit down to discuss the wishes, specifications and budgets. Please contact me for any questions you may have or to receive an estimate matching your wishes.

Graphic Design

When starting a company one of the things you need to think about is the creation of a logo and corporate identity. But there are certainly other materials that will help you create more brand awareness for your company. This can be the striping of your company car, the look and feel of your office space or even a flyer or roll-up banner to use for sourcing new clients. And when in need of other marketing materials, Emdesign will gladly create these for you.

Project Management

Is your company planning a rebranding? Are you in need of a brand management portal? Or are you planning to launch a new product? For these projects, it is always sensible to have a designated person managing the daily tasks and deadlines. In most companies, someone is appointed this great task but doesn’t always have the time or the skills to organise these projects alongside his/her daily tasks. So why not hire a project manager for this occasion?