From idea to concept to implementation

Have you been running a successful business for years but noticed that your brand needs a makeover? Or just started out as an entrepreneur and still need everything?



Every company needs a strong identity. It creates recognition and shows the outside world who you are. Creating a beautiful corporate identity across all facets of your company will ensure you have a branding to be proud of.


Curious whether your identity is still up to date with today’s trends? Book your Style Scan and I’ll gladly take a look.


Project management

A design is nothing without the end result. Examples are business cards, brochures, wrapping your fleet, business gifts or any other products you may need for your company.


The entire process from idea to concept to implementation is all part of the route your product takes. You tell me what you need and I’ll make it happen.

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Book your Style Scan

Design covers a lot of areas and one of the most important ones for your business is its identity. In other words, corporate identity.


Curious whether your identity is still up to date with todays trends?

Book your Style Scan

How can I help you?

It’s easy for me to tell you what I can do for your company, but I’m more interested in your company’s needs. What are you struggling with, what do you lack and where can I be of help?


To give you an idea of the possibilities (as there are many) I’ve listed several expertise below. You might already have some of these circulating within your company, but have you considered what else might be of interest to you?

How can I help you?

It’s easy for me to tell you what I can do for your company, but I’m more interested in your company’s needs. What are you struggling with, what do you lack and where can I be of help?

corporte id

Logo & Corporate Identity

Every company has a logo and corporate identity, and yours probably has this as well. But is it still up to date with todays trends?


Take a closer look at it. I’ll be happy to look with you to see where it can be tweaked. With a few small (or big) adjustments, you can be up and running in today’s world again.


And when you are still in need of a logo or corporate identity, I’ll gladly design these for you, including implementating them across all facets of your company.


From logo to website to brochure to your fleet. Everything breaths your (new) identity.


When creating a website in your branding you create recognition and oozes professionalism. A website increases your findability and helps potential clients with their search and orientation process.


On your website the visitor can read all you have to offer. What do you sell, what is your expertise and how can you be contacted. Nowadays it’s the first thing (most) people do when they’re gathering information. Make sure your basic information can be found on the website, enough for them to take action.


A website can be anything from a simple one-page site to a complete web shop. It just depends on what suits your offer and your company.

Online Presence

When it comes to your online presence a website is the first thing you think of, but these days being present on social media is just as important. How is your online presence?


With a series of templates and a content marketing strategie you can take control yourself and grow your online presence. And if you don’t feel like doing it yourself? Outsource it to someone who will.


Online presence is your website, online banners and posts, (paid) campaigns and sending out (weekly) newsletters.

Product Displays

Presenting your products in a shop can be done in different ways. You can opt for a shop display, or a shop-in-shop design.


By designing shop and promotional material in line with your corporate identity, you ensure customer recognition. Besides the shop window design and the product brochure, have you considered having designs made for other promotional items ?


Brochures & Flyers

A great way to promote your company is to present your products and services in a brochure or flyer. By bundeling them together in one overview, you ensure your audience immediately sees what you have to offer.


It’s also an accessible way to draw the attention to campaigns, introduce new services and products, and to put yourself in the spotlight again.


And because they are relatively cheap to produce, you can also renew them when necessary.


These days there are a lot of Dutch companies who communicate in both English and Dutch. But often they have a Dutch person write the text in an English that isn’t perfect. Me being a native speaker in both languages can help you with this.


Do you need content? Let me help you. I work with several copywriters in order to deliver a total product to you.

Design & Project management

Have you started as an entrepreneur and in need of help with your marketing plans?

Whether your project is small or large, I take care of the entire project realisation.

Emily Franklin

More than enough inspiration!

We all want to get recognised for being professional and an expert, that’s why it’s important your branding portrays your image. Curious how other companies do it? Below are a few examples of projects that I have been asked to create.

Create your perfect blend

Every company has different wishes and needs when it comes to marketing materials. Sometimes you just need a brochure, other times a whole range of different resources. To help you, I’ve created a number of ‘blends’ under the theme Cuppa.


Each blend consists of a range of marketing tools. Pick a blend or combine them for the perfect mix. This way you can hand pick exactly what your company needs at this moment without any extra costs for things you don’t want.