Refresh your corporate identity | rebranding

Detox your corporate identity with a makeover

Have you been running a successful business for years but noticed that your brand needs a makeover? With just a few tweaks your brand can be updated to match today’s trends.


A rebranding is a fun and challenging process in which all aspects of your corporate identity are scrutinised. What works, what doesn’t and where is improvement required?

How does it work?

During a detox we tackle every aspect of the corporate identity. Every item which carries a logo will be assessed. Once we have a clear overview of all the items that need adapting, we begin the process of implementation.


Items to think of are your corporate identity, the website and other online channels. But also your fleet and premises get a new look. In addition, there are often internal files and templates in use that also need to be adapted.


All in all, a project that is easily underestimated. By placing a dedicated person on the project, who can also implement the changes, will ensure it will get done properly.

This blend contains:

Rebrand your corporate identity

Create your perfect blend

by mixing the various flavours.

Kick Start Blend

Showcase your company with a professional logo and corporate identity.

Detox Blend

The ultimate refresher for your current corporate identity.

In the Mix Blend

A powerful implementation across all your external communication materials.

pos materiaal

Energise Blend

Increase your reach and visibility and give your business a ‘Boost’!

Optimise Blend

Optimise your online presence through your website and social media channels.

Chill Out Blend

When a pair of ‘extra hands’ lightens the load during hectic times.