It all started in 1994… Being a Brit growing up in the Netherlands meant that as soon as I had a chance I left for the UK. I moved to Colchester for my BTEC and then onto London for my Bachelor’s degree. In 1997 I returned to Holland after completing my Bachelor’s in Fine Arts which I obtained at Regents University in London. But I didn’t just specialise in Graphic Design, I decided to add Photography to my course work and ended up doing two degrees in one. Once back in the Netherlands (I’d say home but to be honest the UK is my home), I started my first design job at FHV/BBDO which prepared me for the big bad world of advertising. And I loved it!


After spending several years working for various companies, it was time for me to go solo.


Emdesign was born!


In 2001 Emdesign was born and has been going strong for more than 20 years.


Worked for various companies

Intertoys | Claudia Sträter | Expresso Fashion | Baker Bridge | FNG Group | Easywalker BV | Royal Boon Edam International BV | Novelties | Chapeaukado | Jos! Premiums & Gifts | Transavia | FPW | Alca Systems | Lodeizen van Nierop | FHV/BBDO | Wegener Arcade
Created great designs for


Sturio & Partners | Groot in Mentorschap | The Sanctuary Space (NZ) | Marilyn Kledingreparatie | Rose Runderkamp | Bioresonantie Volendam | Pensioennavigator BV | HV KRAS/Volendam | The Shop Edam | Meij Visdelicatessen | Volendam Business Center | Married on Heels | TienKookt | KBK Bouwgroep | Solutiative | B2 Restauraties | Ramakers | VP Heidi Offerman | Pink Gellac | Andèra Advies | Succes Schoonmaak | MKB Ondernemen | AGU | Edwin vd Plaats | Generali | Green Giftbox | Saskia’s Catering | Viergever Golf & Coaching | Apprentice XM | Total Creation | Amforca Sports BV | NZV Wall & Floor Design | WindtWise | Joka Schoonheidsinstituut | DG Creations | DG Cards | Emakina (Suntzu) | ARA Groep | wijZE | Euro RSCG Bikker | Identity Design | NWO | Nomad | AAPE (USA) | Mouchel Parkman (UK)


ZAAQ magazine interviewed me to talk more about who I am and what I do. It turned out to be a beautiful article.


Read it here > Mijn werk kom ik tegen op straat (ps. It’s in Dutch).