Wanna Cuppa?

The first thing an English person asks you is ‘Cuppa?’. And being a Brit I know like no other what a Cuppa can do for you. Sharing a Cuppa is a moment where you get to swap ideas, spend time together or simply just enjoy each other’s company while having a drink.

A Cuppa is a moment for you to reflect on the things you need. Are all the right tools available, do you have the right type of personnel or can outsourcing your needs be of any help?

Create your perfect blend

Every company has different wishes and needs when it comes to marketing materials. Sometimes you just need a brochure, other times a whole range of different resources. To help you, I’ve created a number of ‘blends’ under the theme Cuppa.

Kick Start Blend

Showcase your company with a professional logo and corporate identity.

Detox Blend

The ultimate refresher for your current corporate identity.

In the Mix Blend

A powerful implementation across all your external communication materials.

Energise Blend

Increase your reach and visibility and give your business a ‘Boost’!

Optimise Blend

Optimise your online presence through your website and social media channels.

Chill Out Blend

When a pair of ‘extra hands’ lightens the load during hectic times.