For the busy and hectic moments

Need an extra pair of hands?

We all know those moments when there are just not enough hours in a day to get all the work done. A perfect time for you to consider outsourcing your projects. With the Chill Out blend, you get the help you need to get the job done. Whether it’s a day’s work or that assignment that’s been lying on the shelf for too long. During the Style Scan, we will discuss your needs.

How does it work?

The Chill Out blend gives you the opportunity to hire me at the moments that you actually need me.


Book hours for those weekly or monthly maintenance tasks (newsletters or campaign banners). Or use them for any last-minute projects such as a new business card, design for a car wrap or social media post.

This blend contains:

Hourly rate
Day rate
Project price

Create your perfect blend

by mixing the various flavours.

Kick Start Blend

Showcase your company with a professional logo and corporate identity.

Detox Blend

The ultimate refresher for your current corporate identity.

In the Mix Blend

A powerful implementation across all your external communication materials.

pos materiaal

Energise Blend

Increase your reach and visibility and give your business a ‘Boost’!

Optimise Blend

Optimise your online presence through your website and social media channels.

Chill Out Blend

When a pair of ‘extra hands’ lightens the load during hectic times.