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‘Boost!’ your company brand

When promoting a company, we often start with the standard tools like a brochure or social media channels. But have you ever considered a display or a giveaway? Displays are great ways to present your products at various locations. And a good giveaway lets people ‘see’ your company each time they use it, therefore making you top of mind next time they are in need of your product or services.

Get seen!

Most companies have an office building or car they drive. Hang your logo on the outside of the building, dress your shop windows with the latest campaign, and wrap your car in your branding. At your next exhibitions, design a stand that radiates everything you sell or do.


Ideal ways to increase your reach and visibility, and depending on your company select the ones that work for you.

This blend contains:

Promotional items
Exhibition Stands & Rollup Banners
Wrapping your fleet
Business premises

Create your perfect blend

by mixing the various flavours.

Kick Start Blend

Showcase your company with a professional logo and corporate identity.

Detox Blend

The ultimate refresher for your current corporate identity.

In the Mix Blend

A powerful implementation across all your external communication materials.

pos materiaal

Energise Blend

Increase your reach and visibility and give your business a ‘Boost’!

Optimise Blend

Optimise your online presence through your website and social media channels.

Chill Out Blend

When a pair of ‘extra hands’ lightens the load during hectic times.