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Attitude Holland


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#Dye with Attitude, the hair dye brand created by Attitude Holland. All colours are bundled in a catalogue for wholesalers and real enthusiasts.


At the launch of the hair dye brand #Dye with Attitude, a bundled book is of course indispensable. 17 beautiful colours that have already been supplemented with an autumn and pastel collection. In addition, Attitude Holland also developed a bleaching set and hair care products that complement the hair dye. A continuously growing collection of colours ensures that the catalogue continues to change.


Isn’t a catalogue so decisive?

When you have a brochure or catalogue designed, you can think that you’re stuck with the products that are shown in it. Or that the brochure or catalogue becomes outdated due to your collection growing, or information changing. This is true, so one tip is to not print too many so that a following run can have the updated information.


What if your collection grows, do you have to have a new catalogue produced every time?

The answer is yes and no. Depending on whether you have it printed or not. Because a printed copy is outdated as soon as you add new products to your collection. But if you keep a catalogue digital, you can easily replace it with the new version. Keeping it digital makes you more flexible. And you can always choose to have a small edition printed, for example, to hand out at a trade fair or to send as a mailing.


What information do you put in a product catalogue?

That depends entirely on the target group and your wishes. For Attitude Holland, the catalogue is primarily intended for wholesalers. And because the products are also sold to consumers via their own website, it ensures both target groups can find the information they are looking for.


In this catalogue, you will find a short description of the product including the USPs of the colour. How to use it and how to mix it with other colours. For wholesalers, the SKU numbers are listed, handy when you order. But you will also find other hair products and information not only about the products but also about the company. In addition, it also contains many references from customers as reviews are always important and good for business.


Now the design is very black, does it print well?

When you’re going to print and you have a black design, you need to pay attention to the ink. Make sure this doesn’t crack when folding. As you print four colours, which are laid on top of each other, the chance is very high that it will crack. To solve this problem the printer applies a layer of varnish (if you request this of course).


Because this catalogue is used digitally, a completely black design is no problem. But if your customer wants to print this at home for their own reference, then a dark version brings a disadvantage. A solution would be to have a ‘white’ version that is print-friendly.