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Every business needs legal support some time in the duration of their existence. So, when seeking legal support, finding a website where you can make an appointment right away is convenient.


A legal problem occurs more often than you think. Some companies are more “bothered” by this than others, and then having a lawyer in your cash is a handy thing to have. Sometimes you have a question and don’t know what to do, then a free legal consultation at MKB Legal Services is the answer.


MKB Juridische Dienstverlening has expertise in civil law as well as administrative law. Civil law is subdivided into the following categories: labour law, rental matters, consumer law, collection procedures, contract law, but also family law (for a divorce), bankruptcy and debt. Conflicts with the government, such as tax law, benefits, permits fall under administrative law.


For MKB Juridische Dienstverlening I created a website where people can easily contact them and ask their questions. Personally, I’ve used my client for a few disputes and each time it was resolved successfully. Not a luxury to have a lawyer like this on hand.


Template or build from scratch?

As the client seeked a simple website where everything could be found on one page, I built the site using an existing WordPress template. This gave me the flexibility to add and remove pages and sections to fit the client’s needs. Using a template saves the designer a lot of preliminary work without losing the flexibility of adjusting the colours, fonts and images.


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