Promoting the Harvey stroller

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Easywalker BV




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About This Project

When selling a product, promotion is key. You need to think about how to market the product and determine who your target audience is. Then decide which POS (point of sales) materials you’ll use. Each product deserves its own approach which was also the case for the Harvey stroller from Easywalker. A multifunctional stroller that suits 1 or 2 children, a product that grows with your family.


Determining the type of promotional materials needed

Once you know who and where your target audience is, it becomes clear which channels to use for your promotion. Find out how your audience finds information regarding similar products and hone in on that. So, if your audience is online, make sure you have the relevant information on your website. If your audience loves reading brochures? Make sure your brochure is available to them.


The Harvey stroller is aimed at families with 1 or more children where the families only need to purchase a stroller once. The stroller can be adapted to the needs of your family by purchasing separate parts which allow the stroller to expand into a multi-carrier.


Launching the Harvey

Within the Easywalker corporate identity, each product receives its own colour scheme to create recognition amongst the product range. Together with the product shoot, we incorporated all these elements into the various marketing tools.


In addition to a brochure, we designed a house of cards display which could then be placed beside the product in the shops. I then designed a series of adverts for trade magazines informing the customer about the new product in order to create a trend towards the stores. By promoting both at home and abroad, the product gained a large reach.