The Baker Bridge newsletters

Name client

Baker Bridge (FNG Group)


Short-term contract - started off as Freelancer


Design | Project Management

About This Project

While working at the FNG Group, I was commissioned to build a series of newsletter templates for the Baker Bridge marketing team. To promote their clothing, they wanted to send their customers an email announcing upcoming promotions, SALE campaigns and their new collections.


When creating the templates, it was important that the templates could be used for boys, girls, and a combination of the two. I achieved this by creating blocks alternating images and text where the emphasis lay on mixing the blocks to create your ideal newsletter. The so-called mix & match templates.


How do you start?

I start by determining which parts I want to use and create a basis to work from. What type of image blocks do I need, and how many options and combinations should there be? Do we want one or more photos, and if so, how many photos in a row? Which fixed elements should be included? Etc. And then I start building the various blocks.


And then how do you create the templates?

Each template consisted of different blocks resulting in 23 versions which could then be combined in numerous newsletters. The templates were set up in such a way that the marketing team only needed to adjust the images and texts without involving any designer.


Can a block template be useful for my company?

When you send out regular newsletters then a template like this could be very handy. It’s a great way to ensure your newsletter is on-brand. It’s easy to adapt and depending on the type of software you use can be quite easy to work with.