The Easywalker corporate brochure

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Easywalker BV




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We can hardly remember a time when online wasn’t a thing. These days we do everything online which makes print work for certain companies unnecessary. And even though we all thought online would win it from the offline world, more companies are finding their way back to offline marketing materials.


The corporate brochure is one of those things that a lot of companies ended up putting online instead of printing. But why not do both? Placing a corporate brochure online is no problem if you have the correct balance between text (valuable content) and images. An overview with beautiful pictures won’t tell your customer anything about your company, you need the text to substantiate the images.


For Easywalker I designed their corporate brochure in line with their corporate identity. A 32-page book describing the company’s activities, their product range with a short description and an overview of all the available models and accessories. We printed the brochure on matte uncoated paper giving it the luxurious appearance the company stands for. A perfect giveaway at trade shows, displayed in your store and to be handed out to potential partners.


The corporate brochure was then adapted into a PowerPoint presentation to be shown at sales meetings with other parties. So, the same information is translated into various formats making it a multi-purpose marketing tool.