Zoo campaign at Intertoys

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About This Project

There’s nothing more fun than going to the zoo with the kids. Teach them about the various animals we have on our planet. So, when you’re a toy shop there’s what better hook to hang your next campaign on? 19 animal parks in the Netherlands and Intertoys collaborated in offering the second entrance ticket for free. All you had to do was spend 10 euros in the toy shop to receive a voucher. With the prices of toys these days, it was quite easy for parents to profit from this offer.


Why enter a partnership with animal parks?

A partnership has benefits for both parties. The store sells more products, and the parks receive visitors, who in turn spend money in the park. It creates brand awareness for all parties, and your audience a nice experience.


Who came up with the campaign image?

Intertoys works with an external agency when it comes to campaign imagery. The idea was to have a kid amongst (stuffed) animals which you’ll find in an animal park. The kid on the back of a lion with a crocodile at his feet reflects the child’s imagination and experience.


What marketing tools were created to promote this campaign?

When you create a campaign for kids it’s great to have something for them to interact with. For instance, a colouring page or, in this case, a craft plate. The craft plate gave the kids the opportunity to create their own animal world in a shoebox.


Furthermore, all standard shop materials such as ceiling hangers, gate covers, posters, cash register signs, shelf cards and explanation cards were designed in the style of the campaign. As well as the brochure with information about the campaign. My job was to create the materials for the shop and the campaign page in the brochure. A member of my team illustrated the craft plate and the layout of the toy section pages of the brochure.