How to translate your corporate identity across all your assets

How to translate your corporate identity across all your assets

Your company has been around for a while, you have the basic elements like a logo, corporate identity, and website. But now you want to expand. You have added new products or services to your range, or you would like to promote your company at an event. How to proceed?


A business never stands still and therefore it’s important to take a moment and see what you have and might need. You might have flyers but only have online contact with your target audience. Or you’re an online shop and going to a trade show and realise you don’t have any handouts.

Once you’ve decided which resources to use, it’s time to sit with your designer who will develop these materials in line with your branding. That way, you maintain recognition and a professional image, and your customers know immediately whom they’re dealing with.

So, how does it work?

The first thing you do is make an inventory of all the items you have and need. It’s important to look at the goal of the promotion so you can adapt assets accordingly. For instance, you might want to include a coupon with every order or have a special promotion for your target audience. In those cases, a flyer is a great option. Or you’re a window cleaner and want to inform the locals about your services, then an ad in the local newspaper will be a great way to promote your business.

What if I want more online visibility? What to do then?

Nowadays, customers are found online. A good website is important as is social media. Depending on your target audience see which channels are interesting. Older people are on Facebook, while the younger generations are on Instagram. And businesses are more likely to be on LinkedIn. Then create a content calendar. What are you going to post when and how often? Will you advertise or just post? Again, this depends on your product and target audience.

Here, too, it’s important that your online image matches your company. By having social media templates developed, all you’ll need to do is select an image and text and you’re done. Not sure what to post? Talk to your online marketer.

Wondering how to introduce a new asset?

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