A cup of love

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Mascha van Reenen


Design | Advise

About This Project

When you work as a therapist and want to give your clients a gift without immediately promoting yourself, then a personalised mug might be the answer. And then comes the question, what shall we print on it? Of course, you want to add a little advertising to the mug, so printing a small URL on the back is a good option.


Thinking about the print

During the sparring session for the print on the mug, we came up with the idea to use her illustration. This illustration symbolises her practice, people can identify with this illustration, and it’s also reflected in all her communication materials. To make it personal, we added text under the illustration by using a name or a word that resonates with her clients. Because who doesn’t want love or freedom? Terms that are strong and interpretable by everyone.


Each new client receives a custom-made mug with their name or a term that resonates with them, serving as a memento to for instance, love oneself or experience freedom. The mug serves as a reminder of this revolution and can be a helpful tool in the recovery process toward inner peace.


Which mug did you go for?

Mugs come in various shapes and sizes. Would you prefer a large, small, espresso, cappuccino mug or a tea glass? Everything is possible.


My client showed me her favourite mug, a small latte mug that holds 33ml. I sourced a similar mug that is perfect for enjoying a good cup of coffee or cappuccino.