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You’ve had a thriving company for years but want to keep up with the new developments in the online world. You hire a social media expert who does all the online advertising for your company, runs campaigns, and generates more income for you. The social media accounts you monitor yourself and use Canva to create posts. But without really knowing what you need to look out for it was time that an expert in that department was called in. That’s when I got introduced.


Templates for social?

I was approached by a client of mine who is a social media expert. She had a client who was in desperate need of templates. If I could help. There wasn’t really a brand guide to follow but their website did hold some elements I could work with. The font and colours were the only things that were determined as corporate identity elements. Enough for me to work with.


I created a series of templates that they use on Instagram. I loaded the templates into their Canva account and taught the client how to use them. What to look out for and how to adapt them. The templates were made and all she needs to do is change the text and images and hit save.


An easy, on-brand solution that immediately looks a lot more professional.