All the colours of the rainbow

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Attitude Holland


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Dyeing your hair in every shade of the rainbow and beyond. What more can you wish for when you’re someone who loves coloured hair? From a strand to a full head, one colour or multiple. Everything is possible with the Dye with Attitude semi-permanent hair colour range.


The design for the hair dye was developed before I started working for them but since I’ve helped evolve the labelling, added new labels to the growing collection and expanded the marketing materials with a swatch ring, catalogue and various exhibition materials.


When designing the catalogue, we realised that there was no product imagery for the hair dye pots. So, I created a mock-up in Photoshop which we can adapt with every new colour that is being added to the collection. By using a mock-up, we ensure the images are all the same. And it saves time and money on photoshoots getting every new edition photographed in the exact same way, which we found quite hard to do.


Is it hard to create a mock-up?

Yes, it can be, and especially as I’m not an expert in creating mock-ups it can be hard at times. In the end, I managed to create one that works well. I used a photo of an existing pot and then adapted the image so the colour of the dye can be changed and the name on the label. For the base pot, I used the white dye called Sensitive, which is used to create lighter blends of the darker colours, as it’s a lot easier to add another colour over white and then blend it rather than trying to change a darker colour into something else.