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About This Project

Whatever industry you’re in, business cards are still very popular. There was a time when people were telling me that a business card was old school, and they didn’t need one. Well, all I can tell you is that I still design and print a load of these each year. I’ve actually seen an increase in the need for business cards, not a dip. So, when the builder NZV asked me for a set I gladly obliged.


Why would you get business cards printed?

Well, they are an easy way of giving your details to a potential client. You could hand out your number or put it in their phone, but will they remember who you are or know what name to search for in their phone? So having a card handy is the easiest way. The receiver can choose to add your details to their contacts or put the card in a safe place for future reference.


It’s true you might not need as many as you used to, I’ve lasted years with my box of 250 pieces. But even so, it’s good to have them handy. And these days, getting a set printed won’t break the bank like it used to do 20 years ago.


There is a wide selection of business cards available to choose from when it comes to size, shape, paper and finishing techniques. You can get them printed on standard paper, with a glossy or matte finish. Add a UV lacquer to the design or even print them on plastic or aluminium. It can be square, have rounded corners or even fold in two. Whatever you choose, there are loads of alternatives. A folded card can hold more information if needed or you can use the backside of the card to write down your client’s appointment.


Whatever your business, there’s always a type of card that will support your needs.