Company restaurant with its own identity

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Royal Boon Edam International BV




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About This Project

The hub of a company where employees feel at home is often the company restaurant where the word canteen has been replaced for restaurant and catering staff no longer serve a sausage roll (maybe occasionally) but a healthy meal.

Their own identity within that of a company

A company restaurant is a place where your employees come for lunch, meetings, or to find a quiet place to work. So, creating a friendly and accessible environment is of the essence. What better way than to give the restaurant its own identity?

What did this all entail?

At Boon Edam HQ the facility department decided to create a luxurious canteen (I mean restaurant) which meant a big makeover. Not only the furniture got a new look, but they also decided they wanted an identity. We started off with a survey amongst the staff to come up with a name. The eventual winner was ‘2 Meet & Eat’ and I got to work on designing a logo which was printed on the doors, walls, staff clothing, napkins, cups, and water bottles.