Great way to show your appreciation

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About This Project

Business gifts are great giveaways for various reasons. My client likes to thank her clients after completing a project by handing them a gift of appreciation. For the one it’s a mug, for the other a towel, and to celebrate her 5th year as an independent consultant, she organized a boat trip and needed a flag to be hoisted into the mast so people could see where they needed to be.


Business gift designs are often just a logo printed on a product. For a designer not that exciting, but what I like is the contact between the client and supplier and taking care of the trajectory for them. And sometimes I do get those orders where I can be more creative.


An example is the towels where I used the swirl from her logo to add some illustration to the product. A nice way of using elements of her corporate identity in a design. The mugs are all personalised with a message and their name, so they don’t lose their mug when emptying out the dishwasher at the office. Great ways to show your appreciation.