I do!

Nane client

Married on Heels



About This Project

Girls are known to dream of their wedding day even when they are still very young. The princess dress, high heels and a tiara. And then when the time comes that their prince on the white horse rode up to sweep them off their feet, they suddenly realise they have no idea where to start planning a wedding. Well, say hello to the wedding planner, Married on Heels.


Will you…

Yes, I will! This project was fun! Girly style, high heels, and princess theme. What can I do with that? A lot. I went wild creating the logo. Had soooo many versions and she had a mental overload not knowing what to pick. There were too many nice ones to choose from. Yes I know, I’ve even written a blog about it – read it here (Dutch though as I still need to translate it to English).


The website

Once the logo was complete I started working on the website. Again fun as wedding photos are just always happy. We used a few stock images to start with as we didn’t have enough photos from weddings she had organised. Once she had done a few we replaced the images with her own to give the viewer a good idea of what is possible for them.


The website is fresh, fun and full of colour. Perfect fit with the woman behind the company who you’ll always see wearing high heels, hence the name.


Wonder what the website looks like?

Check it out here: www.marriedonheels.nl