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Promoting your company, or in this case, a restaurant, in the area where you’re situated is easily done with a flyer. You send your staff to post them through the letterboxes and before you know it there’s a flood of new people coming to visit your restaurant.


The people already coming to the establishment were mainly from the neighbouring streets, but they needed the surrounding streets to come as well. As the restaurant is located in a nursing home people had the impression it was meant for the residents and not open to the outside world. This was a misconception and so we needed to spread the word.


Yes, most of their visitors were the people living in the three nursing home buildings on site, but as the restaurant is part of society, the neighbourhood was also encouraged to use it. It’s the mix of young and old that makes it a great meeting place.


So, to inform people in the area about this, I started designing the flyer. Texts and photos were supplied by my client and using the brand guidelines I created for them previously, designed a flyer and advert that was placed in the local paper so we could reach an even broader audience. In addition to the flyer for the neighbourhood, we added one aimed at businesses.


The result: flyers and an advert which were received well in the area. The stream of new customers was significant, and we can conclude it to be a successful campaign.