Retail campaigns for Claudia Sträter

Name client

Claudia Sträter (FNG Group)


Short-term contract - started off as Freelancer


Design | Project Management

About This Project

Retail is everywhere. And in Retail fashion is booming business. It’s a fast-paced world where collections change every few months and you need to anticipate current affairs within your target group.


I started at Claudia Sträter as a freelance designer before being asked to fill a maternity leave. My main activities were to produce the necessary marketing materials for the brand. These resources included the many online banners for each collection which were used on the website, for social media and as remarketing banners. Each collection consisted of more than 80 banners. In addition to all the online banners, at least 1 newsletter was sent out each week. Basing the content of the newsletter on the theme of that period.


In addition to online, did you create any offline materials?

Yes, as Claudia Sträter also owns physical stores, all the in-store materials needed to be designed for each campaign. This included invitations to VIP events for a select group of customers. As well as flyers, images for the in-store TV screens, and the magazine sent by post to all members.


How do you proceed?

Because campaigns are usually quite similar in terms of format, it’s useful to work with templates. For online banners as well as newsletters. As soon as the campaign name and main image have been chosen, you can start working on creating the materials for that campaign. A quick and easy way to create all desired banners. You make sure the text is legible and works responsively (for mobile). You need to ensure that when all the banners are put together you see the same design across all. Save them all to the correct size and format so they can be uploaded to the different platforms. Printed materials are sent to the printer bearing the printing specifications for that product. And when all is done the various departments are ready to launch on the same date.