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About This Project

You own a thriving catering company and have a website that’s considered reasonable, just a little bit dated. The guestbook doesn’t work properly, and you want to post new photos of your dishes but have no way of doing this. Using a WordPress template I designed a website that included brand-new photography, and a working guestbook. I work with a standard template but nothing with me is standard as I delete, adapt, and add elements to suit the content giving the client a unique on-brand website to suit their needs.


What was the most important aspect for my client?

The guestbook! That’s what it was all about. Her customers want to read what other people have written about her, and as she receives quite a lot of reviews it needed to be an easy tool for people to use. Reviews are great when you want to know who’s behind the company. So, reading other people’s experiences helps them decide to hire her.


The current version of the guestbook didn’t work properly. People found it difficult to post and it wouldn’t load properly. I found a plugin that was easy to use and could easily be moderated from the backend. And so, while we’re at it, we decided to give the entire website a makeover.


Converting a template

When you have an existing website it’s quite easy to convert the content into a new template. Only when we started to look at the original content, we found that the text wasn’t up to date anymore. Our first step was to create a wireframe, then (re)write the text and organise a photoshoot to create new images to complement the existing ones.


A photoshoot?

Yes, we organised a photoshoot. The client had an event coming up so we used those dishes to create new imagery. Once edited they were added into the gallery on the website giving the viewer an idea of what they can expect.


Wondering what the end result looks like? Check it out at