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Andèra Advies


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About This Project
Wanna play cards?

That’s a strange question to get during a business meeting. Until the pack is laid on the table, it soon becomes apparent that it’s not a game of cards we’re about to embark on, but a way to map out the services and products in your company. This is no ordinary deck of cards; it’s aimed specifically at HR processes & services.


What’s in the pack?

The pack includes sets of themed cards, each with varying amounts of cards and text. Each theme displays a service or product, allowing you to identify gaps in your company’s offerings that can be filled by a virtual professional.


Nice design, how did you come up with that?

As we are still establishing her brand identity, designing within a new style is fun as there’s room for creativity. I experimented with her brand colours and fonts, searching for a background pattern that wouldn’t overpower the space and chose light pink to complement the logo’s palette, without being too distracting in the design.


Limited edition

With only three decks printed this set of cards has become a limited edition exclusively for my client. One to work with, one to keep in her handbag in case a spontaneous meeting pops up and she doesn’t have her work bag with her, and a spare set just in case one of the other ones gets damaged. I love this card set and think it’s an asset for a virtual professional to see where she can contribute to a potential client.