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About This Project

When you work in healthcare and a potential client asks you to create a video in which you introduce yourself and your company, we soon come to the subject of the website. After an inventory of their website and a comparison with the competition, it became clear that their site contained mainly text and no images. Let’s just say, a lot of text. But people aren’t patient enough these days when it comes to a website that needs a lot of reading. I show them a few examples of what their site could look like, and they say, ‘Let’s get started’.


How do you build a site for a business that already has one?

When a company already has a website, much of the work has already been done. The information they want on their site has already been thought through. This is then scrutinised again to see if any adjustments or additions are needed, otherwise, it’s time to start building.


How did you select the images?

When building a website, it’s important to look at the images you want to use. The best way of getting the right photography is by hiring a photographer who will take professional photos to represent your company in the best way. But not all companies are willing or able to do so for various reasons. My client was unable to use photos with staff members due to working with freelancers who are under contract but not on the payroll. Which means you end up using stock images. But stock images with people often look very American, a style that doesn’t suit the Dutch. So, I started looking for images that reflect the company’s story without portraying people.


When searching for images I take various things into consideration like corporate identity, tone of image, and the people behind the company. While building the website it was clear that their base colour yellow needed a prominent role. So, I found images with something yellow or used Photoshop to change an item into the desired colour if I couldn’t find a suitable image in yellow.


So, there are different ways to get photography for your company. Make sure you have unique images that also match your company and strategy as images are also a reflection of who you are.


Curious about the result?

Check out www.aljazorg.nl for the end result.