Templates in style!

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About This Project

I love designing templates for social media. Especially as we are on social more often than we tell ourselves we’d like to be, but at the same time, so is our audience. And what better way to show your audience and followers what you have to offer in an online post? Only, how do you stand out amongst all the others in the feed?


Get your branding right!

The most important way is by having your posts show your brand. Not just a logo in the corner, but also your brand colours, fonts, and images. And this might mean having to get them designed by a designer, hiring a photographer to get the right images, and then finding someone within your company to create the content for you.


In the olden days…

In the past, I used to create all the banners and posts ahead of time in Photoshop. Give them to the online team to implement them into the various software systems. These days Canva has made life a lot easier for a lot of (smaller) companies that don’t have their own design team or online team. By creating templates for Canva, all a company needs is an account to load the templates into and they’re ready to go.


Templates in style!

The templates I create are all in line with the company style guide. I lock certain elements, so they don’t get moved around and all the client needs to do is add text and images and download the file for socials. Easy!


melondust templates

melondust being part of the Emdesign portfolio means creating my own templates is a must. I designed a range of templates in the same style as the website, so visitors have instant recognition on both platforms. The same style has been adapted to flyers, business cards and posters.


Having a large range of templates makes it fun to highlight each topic. For instance, a ‘quote’ post is different to a ‘testimonial’ or ‘available slots’ post. This way the reader can also see what type of post it is. Is that necessary? No not really but I like creating templates so why not! Having your branding slapped across the template is what’s important to ensure brand recognition.


Check out the Instagram feed at @melondust