The Monkey Town campaign together with Intertoys

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About This Project

Campaigns are used to deploy an action and can be used in various ways. For instance, you can promote a discount with every order, have a special promotion in the store, or enter a partnership with another company.


At Intertoys, it’s common to have collaborations with other companies when it came to campaigns. One of these parties was Monkey Town, an indoor arcade. A place where kids can climb and play while mom or dad watch peacefully. The campaign was based on receiving a second entrance ticket for free after purchasing an item from Intertoys for just 10 euros.


Who came up with the campaign image?

In most campaigns, Intertoys works with an external agency when it comes to campaign imagery. But this time I was commissioned to come up with the campaign message.


Using the Monkey Town brand colours and the Intertoys corporate identity elements, I created a series of campaign materials that were featured prominently in the stores. In addition to a gate cover, ceiling hangers, posters, and an information page in the brochure, I also designed the voucher for access to all Monkey Town branches in the Netherlands.


Was it a success? Yes, definitely!

As the consumer only needed to purchase an item from Intertoys for 10 euros, many people took advantage of this promotion. Therefore, the campaign was a great success and was launched for a second time later in the year.