The Succes(s) of Socks

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Succes Schoonmaak


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About This Project

Nowadays every industry has a ‘Day of the…’. The same goes for the cleaning industry. So, this year Success wanted to thank their staff with in an original and valuable way. But what to give to your staff? Each year a gift is chosen from a catalogue, but this year it was time for something new. A gift with an added value and suitable for every member of staff regardless of faith or beliefs.


How do you devise the campaign around it?

First you brainstorm… Together with the customer. Thinking about what her staff does, what they would like to receive and, last but not least, what fits within the budget. Receiving a gift is always fun, giving is even more fun. But you do want the recipient to use it as well.


And what do cleaners do a lot? They walk! And what are you wearing? socks! Looking for a supplier who can realize this, we quickly came across my standard promotional gift batch. She had a supplier in Europe (small CO2 footprint) and we were able to get started.


Now think of something that people will actually wear.

Nowadays there is so much possible in the field of knitting. That a standard logo on a sock printing is no longer of this time. You can make your own Happy Socks, as it were!


The corporate identity of Succes is quite simple with few playing elements. The schwung made a comeback this year so a suitable element for turning into a pattern. This, in combination with the house style colours, results in a trendy contemporary pair of socks. Of course, the logo also has to be placed somewhere. This was placed on the foot section and the payoff was on the underside of the foot. A good reason to keep your feet on the table!


Because all recognizable parts of the company fit in your shoe, you can wear these socks on all occasions. And that makes it versatile again. A gift that you will not use once, but more often, both at work and privately.


How were the socks received?

To make it a whole, we developed a map that reflects the company’s valuation. This together in a bright orange envelope fell on the staff at home. A little surprise that you couldn’t easily overlook when you get home.


And what else did you create as giveaway?

In addition to the socks, we were also looking for a number of common gifts that could be given away haphazardly. The lanyard was a nice gift. This is printed in two variants with a stock that does not need to be replenished for now. And it’s always handy to have a lanyard! For both the staff and the other people who receive one.


Which blend is used here?

A promotional gift is an ideal means of getting your company to the attention of others. Nowadays there is so much available that there is always something to find for every budget. The Energise blend fits well since it is often a campaign used temporarily but can also be expanded to other events and campaigns.


Which blend would also come in handy here?

Promotional gifts fit within every blend. You can use them during the KickStart of your company or just when you change everything in the Detox blend. There is always a good time for a gift.