Wrapping the Boon Edam fleet

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Royal Boon Edam International BV




Design | Project Management

About This Project

Wrapping your fleet of vehicles in line with your corporate identity ensures a uniform image on the street. It also creates recognition amongst your customers and brand visibility. During the rebranding at Boon Edam, I coordinated the wrapping of 150 cars, vans, and trucks worldwide. Within a period of 6 months, all cars were fit with the new designs.


How do you create recognition for your brand?

Recognition is created by using the basic elements within the corporate identity. Within the Boon Edam corporate identity, the challenge lay in mirroring the prism. When designing a car wrapping, you always have the mirror image aspect where it looks great on one side but ‘wrong’ on the other. Both sides must be identical. And so, I wrapped the prism around the car, as it were, to create an aerodynamic effect. Then added the logo on the doors, adapting the use of the prism and logo to fit the design.


During the inventory of the fleet, I ran into several things. France had grey cars, China worked with magnetic plates, and America had a car in New York that needed lettering on the roof. And no two subsidiaries drove the same brand, which meant designing a huge batch of different models and brands.


The grey cars became white by applying an overall body wrap and then placing the designs on top. The white cars were re-stickered by removing the old lettering and replacing it with the new. And the two trucks were supplied with new tarpaulins (sails). The design for the trucks was different to those of the cars as I had a bigger space to work with and thus, I added the corporate image to the prism and logo.


Now 10 years later the company is undergoing another rebranding but at times I still see ‘my’ cars or truck drive along and each time it brings a big smile to my face. Wrapping your fleet is a great way to create recognition of your brand on the road.