Your journey to discovery

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Andéra Advies


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Your journey to discovery. Where do you go when you’re presented with this question? Nowadays we all want something different, but how do you get there? Andéra Advies guides you along this path.

To support her mission, she wanted a flyer with a reference to her website. Only this website needed to be created. How else does your target audience obtain your information?


How do you start developing a website?

When developing a website you need a corporate identity. Most companies usually have one but Andéra Advies started the other way around. She didn’t have anything, except for an attempt of a logo she’d created in Paint or similar, but not something that could be called a logo or be used. But as the website needed to come first, this meant I needed to start from the beginning. I designed a logo and corporate identity based on her sketched logo which was of a lotus flower in purple and pink.


A gradient! That’s nice

Nowadays, a gradient in your logo isn’t longer an issue, printers used to not be very happy with them. And because she had such a rich colour palette, I felt they needed to be reflected in the logo. I gave the lotus flower a gradient from purple to pink. Worked out the colour values for each colour within the gradient. Making the printing process easy if she felt she wanted to use the colours separately. The colour gradient creates a beautiful colour palette to work with, which I also used on the website.


And then the site, how did you proceed?

The client had written the text she wanted on the website, only not based on web pages. This meant I needed to cut and paste so the client could fill the gaps where needed. Resulting in a beautiful website with detailed information. When creating a website, it is best to start with a grid (the menu) and then fill these pages. This saves a lot of time building the website.