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About This Project

Are you ready to take your workouts to the next level? The Amforca Premium Whey Protein is here to fuel your body with the ultimate source of muscle-building goodness. Crafted with meticulous care, their whey protein is designed to support your fitness goals and help you achieve peak performance.


I’ve worked with Amforca for over 10 years now, creating flyers, roll-up banners, and other promotional materials for mainly their kids’ programmes. When they asked me to design a label for their whey protein products, I was initially surprised, but I soon learned that they also offer personal training services.


Packaging projects come in various forms. Usually, it means designing a box for a product. For Attitude, it meant designing the products themselves and for Amforca I was asked to design the labels that would be wrapped around the tubs of whey protein powder. The labels for all three varieties of tubs require the same basic design and information and were then adapted to size and contents.


By incorporating the colours purple and grey that represent the brand, Amforca’s packaging is designed to leave a lasting impression and foster brand recognition.