Why hiring a professional is a good investment for your business

Why hiring a professional is a good investment for your business

We all have moments where we’re either too busy or need something we can’t do ourselves. For example, I need an accountant even though I can do a lot of the administration myself. Still, I get my tax bills done by a professional each year. Why? Because it doesn’t just save me time which I can spend elsewhere, it also saves me headaches. Let’s face it, do I know all the rules and regulations when it comes to law and accounting? Or how to even use these to my advantage? No, but the professional I hire does. So, when it comes down to my own profession, I can only advise you on why you should outsource your design projects.


Every company does marketing, or at least, they should. To be able to do marketing, you need resources which are created by a graphic designer. But where do you find a designer, and what do you need to look for?

Some companies find it daunting to hire a designer. There is this misconception that a designer is expensive. And yes of course some charge a fortune but isn’t that in every profession? Still, I see a lot of companies ‘trying’ to do it themselves to save money, when hiring a designer doesn’t have to be expensive.

I’ve also spoken to entrepreneurs who ‘think’ an external designer won’t work as they don’t understand their company’s brand and vision. Logical thought, but a truly good designer has the ability to crawl into the skin of any client and deliver great designs true to the brand. Of course, there’s the possibility that you don’t like the style of the designer and vice versa. We can create amazing things, but we can miss the boat sometimes. For instance, don’t ask me to create infographics or illustrations, I’m useless at these. You need me for top-notch designs where the technical aspect of design is important. I am that crazy person who ensures everything is correct, right down to the mm. So, realise there’s also a big difference when it comes to designers. We don’t all offer the same services or quality.

A designer is an added value for your business

Why? Because they have the skills and insights to help your business be successful. They are specialised in creating a unique look that suits your company. And in the long run, this will increase your company’s value. Not only does your target audience see you as a professional company, but you also create recognition.

If your company needs day-to-day designs, then I advise you to employ someone full-time instead of hiring a freelancer. In the long run that will be the cheaper option for your company, and you get an employee invested in your company.

Do you need a graphic designer?

When starting your business, investing in other components of your business might seem more logical. Designing your own logo and choosing colours sounds easy and you probably think ‘I can do that myself’, but is that the best approach? It might be enough to attract the first few customers, but you will soon see that your handy work is not going to create the results you want to attract new customers. Especially for new businesses. You can tell when someone tries to create something themselves rather than hiring a professional. It makes you look sloppy so why should I take your company seriously when wanting to purchase your product or service when you don’t seem to do the same? A freelance designer is of great value as they can help you gain a foothold in a crowded market with lots of competition. The only way to stand out is by your appearance so make sure this is perfect!

Nice, but what does a designer actually offer?

Designers offer a number of things. They are up to date on the latest trends, software and technical aspects of the design and print world. Hiring a designer means you have time for your own work. Things YOU are good at. Besides, it saves you from having to come up with great ideas, which you then need to transform into a design and get ready for production. All things you don’t know how to do, so end up taking ages to get it partly right. A designer eats and breathes these aspects saving time and ensuring the end result is perfect the first time around.

Designers also ensure your brand is consistent across all resources. When promoting your products and services it’s important that your target audience recognises your brand. Consistency is key as this creates recognition and professionalism. It also makes designing your next flyer or social post a lot easier because there’s a corporate identity already in place. So, ensure your business cards have the same look and feel as your website, and that the pen your salespeople use is in the brand colours and carries your logo. Just remember, everything that carries a logo should comply with the corporate branding rules of your company. This ensures a professional look and consistency.

What does a designer cost?

When searching for a designer you will see that the price tag can vary. You’ll find people who will work for pennies and others who charge their worth. When selecting a designer, it’s important you look at their experience and portfolio. Does it match your style and company? This is more important than the price. In the end, you pay for someone’s expertise. Someone who charges 40 euros an hour will produce different work than someone who charges 100. Also, an agency will always be more expensive due to the number of people they add to your account who are not always needed. One to remember.

Alright, so what if I have no budget, what are my options?

One thing I often come across is that people forget to reserve a budget for their marketing and branding. But without these two aspects, you can’t promote your company. When you really don’t have starting capital then there are a few options for you. The cheapest is to do it yourself. And even though I strongly advise against this, I can’t blame you for wanting to do this. Do realise that there’s a difference between a homemade cake and one bought at the bakery (just to illustrate it in a different world).

Another option is to use one of the online tools or websites where you can get someone to design a logo for you for a few euros. But to be honest I would not recommend this. Why? The design might not be authentic to your company. You have no idea who the designer is and if the design is made exclusively for your company or if they sell the same design to other companies as well. Why do I say this? Well, I’ve come across two photographers with the same logo. The only difference was the name, the icon, the font and even the colours were identical! After asking them who’d designed their logo it became clear, a cheap website. Ouch!

But also be aware of online tools such as Canva. When you design a logo in Canva, there’s a big chance someone else will design the same thing. How do you ask? Because everyone uses the same elements provided by the tool, the chances are high that people grab the same illustrations. Another thing to consider is that you as the designer don’t own the rights to the design when using elements from the Canva libraries. Ah, very important, something a professional designer will cover.

Okay, you’ve convinced me, I want to hire one. But how do I find a good designer?

Finding a good designer can be hard work but putting in the time will eventually save you a lot of headaches. One tip would be to ask around your network. There is always someone out there who loves to recommend their designer to you.

Wondering how I can help?

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