Have you ever looked at your brand identity closely?

Have you ever looked at your brand identity closely?

Self-awareness is one of the greatest strengths a company or person can have. It’s even more powerful and important when it comes to brand identity and design. The checklist below will give you a good insight into what you do well and where you may need to innovate.


The logo

While it’s often said that brand identity isn’t all about the logo, it’s still an important part of it. Your logo is one of the first things a customer sees on, for example, in a brochure, flyer, or on your website. It’s therefore important that your logo looks professional and that it’s clear what your company represents. It’s helpful to look at your logo from the customer’s perspective. Then ask yourself whether your logo is unique, clear, and fitting for your company from that perspective.

The colours of your company

Most people don’t know this, but colour psychology exists. This means that each colour group has a psychological meaning. An emotion or action that is evoked when one sees it. For example, red can evoke evil and bad in one person but love in another person. It’s therefore important to find out which colours your target audience associates with. Try to convey your message to your customers through your colours.

In addition, colours also represent your core values. Check in the following blog ‘The importance of the right colour in your logo’ if your core value matches the colour of your current logo.

Check your marketing materials

And here I mean from your stationery to your flyer to your website, etc., etc. It’s good to do this check every now and then to see if your marketing materials are still up-to-date and, more importantly, whether they still resemble your brand. Do your marketing materials still meet the quality requirements of your branding, or are they just good enough? Or do they no longer fit within the lines of your identity? It’s very important that your marketing materials radiate how you want to be seen as a company. Invest in that too, as when people don’t recognise your company immediately, they’ll be inclined to go to elsewhere.

Download the Ultimate corporate identity checklist’ here to help you gather all your marketing materials within your company.

How is your consistency?

Consistency is one of the easiest ways to create a successful brand. Ensure all your external communication is the same everywhere. By this I mean, make sure the layout of your Facebook page resembles your Instagram profile. This way people will recognise your brand and remember it. In addition, it’s also important to check whether everyone within the company uses the same branding guidelines as colours and fonts in documents. Get templates created where these guidelines are all set.

Be clear!

You need to be clear in communicating your message across the various platforms, so customers understand what you stand for. Make sure they can find this information easily on your website and if you have a brochure, mention it in there as well. Nowadays people don’t want to spend time on things, so make sure your information is easily found, and that you use clear language.

Your assignment

Go around the office and gather all your marketing materials. Place them side by side on a desk (or the floor). Step back and take a critical look at all the resources you’ve collected. Are the colours correct, the logo correct, the fonts correct, and is the same style used in terms of design?

Want to know more about how you can achieve unity within your brand identity?

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